Dave Anderson & Friends Tuesday Night Jams



8 - 11 p.m. Every Tuesday

Find out what everyone is talking about. Join Dave Anderson, James Irvin, Tim Tucker & Stone Anderson for a Semi-Open Jam session featuring some of Huntsville's most talented musicians. 

From Dave: 
We've been so happy with the musicians turning out to the Tuesday Night Jams!! 
So many great players/singers have been coming down and making some magic.
There are still so many musician friends we know that we would love to see come and play. 
One of our goals has been putting players together who haven't played/met before and this has already really yielded some musical gold. 
Please, please send us a message if you might want to come and we will help plan whatever you might want to do, or we can set the stage for spontaneity!!
For those musicians we might not know (or may know but haven't heard), please don't hesitate to reach out!!
This is not an exclusive club-we want to meet new musicians!!! 
We may ask for video/recordings, but please don't be offended- it is to see where to fit you (and PLEASE don't take offense if we feel you might not be ready; it is not an open-mic, it is semi-open. This just means we want to keep it at a certain level. Experience is not necessary, but skill level is).
We would love to surprised by great players showing up.
That being said, we do have a certain amount of players we line up for a given night, so reaching out to us beforehand is the best way to make sure we get to play together.