Destination Dining on the Blue bayou

The Blue Bayou serves a multi-course southern gourmet meal family-style.  With staff in railroad attire, guests are entertained with multi-media vignettes of railroad history and folklore.  The Lumberyard's online ticketing service allows passengers to choose one of several nightly destinations to dine on this uniquely refurbished 1924 railway car.  A Blue Bayou excursion is an immersive experience that compliments the evening's destination/bill of fare. 

You can book a seat on the "Memphis Train" and enjoy smoked ribs, an Elvis-style dessert and Memphis Blues without leaving the Lumberyard.  Or try "The City of New Orleans" for an evening of Jazz, fine wines, Louisiana Pasta and Crème Brule.  From the "All Aboard" bell ringing, through story-telling, music and videography, the four course meal is 90 minutes of adventure.  Our take on family-style dining entails six seats in a semicircular booth outfitted with a lazy susan where each guest can serve themselves. Bring your friends or plan on meeting new ones!

Our prohibition-era cocktails will rock the clock as you travel back to the roaring 20's.  And no matter what destination dinner you choose, you just might end up on the platform singing along to "I've been eating on the Railroad".

The Blue Bayou at A.M. Booth's Lumberyard - more than a meal, it's an experience.

The Huntsville Local – TUESDAYS 6:15

Our very own Rocket city’s specially chosen fare features locally sourced foods, and the occasional guest chef. Our staple offering on "The Huntsville Local” features our bacon wrapped pork loin. The meal begins with avocado fries, fried spiced cauliflower, locally-sourced watercress and mixed greens salad with strawberry vinaigrette.  The pork entrée is complemented with bourbon glazed apples, roasted potatoes, Brussels sprouts, and Lane Cake (Alabama’s official state dessert). Emma Lane of Clayton Alabama created her award winning cake over 100 years ago. Lane Cake is a peach-pecan filled, bourbon infused, coconut iced wonder made for us by Wenona Moorer-Owner of Grandmother's House Restaurant in New Hope. 

Montgomery – WEDNESDAYS  6:15

Our Sous Vide prepared Buttermilk Fried Chicken is tender, aromatic and perfectly crisp. This "Alabama Bound" dish is served with fruit, pimento cheese spread, collard greens and redskin mashed potatoes. Diners will also enjoy beer cornbread, our Farmer’s Market salad, and an apple crisp topped with vanilla ice cream.

Memphis – THURSDAYs  6:15

"The Memphis Train" features dry-rubbed smoked ribs that are all flavor and attitude.  Our portobello appetizer is stuffed with fresh spinach, sautéed in lemon and garlic, topped with smoked marinara and sprinkled with rich goat cheese.  Passengers will also enjoy beer cornbread, tomato salad, roasted asparagus and crusted mac & cheese. For dessert, the King’s PB&J banana french toast bites are served a la mode and drizzled w/ powdered suganr and warm syrup.

New Orleans - FRIDAYS  7:30

Get ready for an unforgettable NOLA-inspired dining experience! The "City of New Orleans" serves flavorful Cajun pasta tossed in a traditional French pan sauce, with blackened shrimp and andouille sausage.  In addition, our passenger will be treated to beer cornbread, tomato salad, Cajun inspired deviled eggs and a classic crème brulee made in house.

Jackson – SATURDAYS  7:30

When boarding the "Going to Jackson" line, passengers will be served tender smoked brisket with blackberry bbq sauce, tomato salad, crusted mac n cheese, beer cornbread, roasted potatoes with rosemary & garlic butter, our signature roasted Brussels sprouts (Meal Diamonds), and banana pudding.

Atlanta – SUNDAYS  5:30

Prepare to be 'Gone with the Wind' when we put on our Sunday best for destination Hotlanta.  The "Midnight Train to Georgia" rolls out with creamy mashed potatoes and roasted asparagus accompanying our NY strip topped with crispy fried onions and bordelaise garnished with watercress. The meal will also include Brie with honey, ceviche, Caesar salad, and coffee cake.


There are six spacious booths that hold up to six people comfortably.  Advance ticket purchases are required. Tickets are available online or in our restaurant.  

  • Tickets become available online at least 30 days in advance. Private parties can be booked months in advance.

  • All tickets are sold on a first come basis.  If you're purchasing tickets with others, make purchases together online to avoid seats being sold out before all your party buys tickets. When you purchase your tickets, collectively or separately, you will be asked to name your party.  Please make sure your collective group or dining partner all use the same party name correctly so we can arrange seating for those that want to sit together.

  • Ticket sales close by noon the day of boarding time.  

  • All  "dinner excursions" depart on time. If you are not present for boarding you may lose your seat to standby patrons.

    • Unclaimed seats are not filled if one of the guests is present as placeholder. 

    • If you purchase a booth for up to six guests and some of your guests don't show, those seats will not be sold to stand-by passengers.

  • Some excursions may have age restrictions, check before purchasing. There is only one booth that can handle a high-chair. Booth 6 has four booth seats and two chairs. Please make a note that you would prefer Booth 6 when you purchase your ticket and we will try our best to accommodate you. 

Private Booths

  • Each booth holds up to 6 people.  Up to 3 booths can be purchased together in our online ticketing service.  Please call 256-715-7130 (ext. 3 ) for additional seating.

    • When you purchase a booth you will be asked for the number in your party.  Meals are prepared and served according to the number in your party not the seats in the booth.

The Blue Bayou Dinner Bar:

Our on-board bar provides specialty cocktails, top shelf bourbon/whiskeys, and fine wine.  Every meal is paired with a specially selected libation. Pre-boarding drinks are available at the railway car steps and can be carried on-board for dinner service.


  • The Lumberyard is handicapped accessible, however the 1924 Blue Bayou is only accessible by 7 steps. With reservations, our family-style menu is available in our other easily accessible dining areas along with a personal  visit from our conductor. 
  • All ticket purchases are final, NO REFUNDS.
  • The Lumberyard reserves the right to cancel with 48 hours notice offering refunds, rescheduling or alternate plated service instead of family style service as scheduled if: the dinner service is booked at less than 25% capacity,  or roads are closed due to severe weather conditions, etc. 
  • Our train runs on time.  If you are not present for boarding, you might lose your seat to standby patrons. We have several bars open and areas to congregate before the boarding bell rings so please come early and enjoy the Lumberyard before boarding.
  • Menu offerings may vary based upon market availability or other unforeseen problems. Please check our website for any changes.
  • No meal substitutions – When purchasing your ticket, If you have dietary restrictions, an additional entrée from our house menu can be added for an additional associated charge.

Allergy Guide:

  • Gluten Free Menu Items:  Tomato Salad, Brussels Sprouts, Collard Greens, Stuffed Mushrooms, Ceviche without Baguette, Pork Loin without Apples, Watercress Salad, ***ALL LUMBERYARD BREAD CONTAINS EGGS***
  • Lactose Free Menu Items:   Brisket with roasted potatoes (not mashed), Farmers Market Salad, Ribs, Pork Entrée, Cevieche without Baguette, Watercress Salad
  • Menu Items That Contain Soy:  Mayonnaise products: Garlic Ranch Dressing, Devilled Eggs, Brussels sprouts, Crab cakes
  • In purchasing this ticket you acknowledge that you have read and understood our meal plans with associated allergy warnings and agree to all published rules and regulations at the time of boarding. 

Train Manners: 

  • This is not "all-you-can-eat" so please respect your tablemates in serving yourself, we guarantee you will walk away feeling well fed. 
  • There are no seat assignments within the booth, so please don't try to hold on to an aisle seat if someone in your booth could use that position more.  
  • Space is limited so try to also keep personal belongings to a minimum.
  • Passengers with poor train manners will be asked to leave. Be kind to your neighbor and enjoy the experience.   


For adults 21+, boarding begins immediately following the last dinner service.   

After dinner service the Blue Bayou transforms dining tables into low cocktail tables with tv's for each booth where you can watch and listen to live performances in one of the bars throughout the Lumberyard.  It's a place where you can lounge and talk with your friends but still enjoy  the entertainment with cocktail and food table service.  Sign up for our email  and get advance notice of special programming.

  • Brunch n’ Booths
  • Tasting Tours
  • Blue Bayou Express - Early Dinner Kids Adventure
  • Polar Express - Tickets on sale this September



Contact Us:

A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard , 108 Cleveland Ave, Huntsville, AL 35801

256-715-7130    EXT 3 for Event Rentals , 

EXT  1  for credit card phone tickets,  EXT  7 all other ticket related issues