Saturday 2/18: Alice at 45

Catch the wild Love Child of Seducing Alice and .45 Surprise Friday at 9 in The Kiln.

Alice at 45 is a combination of members of Seducing Alice & .45 Surprise. Playing a mix of 90's rock, outlaw country, americana, etc...

.45 Surprise
Comprised of musicians from around North Alabama & Southern Tennessee, .45 Surprise plays of blend of bluegrass and outlaw country. Fast, high-energy music that covers both cover songs and originals, we can dip into just about any genre depending on the venue and crowd.

Seducing Alice has it's roots in the everyday doldrums of life in sleepy Huntsville, AL. In early 2006, Colin Brooks and Alex Dieterich joined forces to fight the onset of early adulthood by forming an... act that went by the moniker "The Dixie Duo." For many drunken nights the Duo begot delightfully hazy mornings for its compatriots. However, it wasn't long before their urge to rawk far exceeded their acoustic means.

Enter drummer Josh Doyle...He provided the beat that attracted John E. (on the spot) Eberhart like a siren's call, and the Dixie Duo plugged in, becoming Seducing Alice. Carrying this mantel, they began gigging in Huntsville eventually acquiring the talents of Kipp Cain (of Deacon Green fame) in the spring of 2008. Thus the rock and roll curry was deemed complete, and total domination of the entire world became eminent...
the end

Or was it...As they say*, "every new beginning, comes from some other beginning's end." Mr. Eberhart took a leave of absence in January of the last year of humanity** to knock some stuff off his bucket list. After an exhaustive search, SA welcomed with open arms no other than beloved Vonnegut character, Kilgore Trout.

The end...for now.

* (they, being the seminal 90's one hit wonder, Semisonic of course)
** (according to the Mayans