Sylvia Rose Novak Trio

9 p.m. - 1 a.m. in The Kiln

With a sound and style described as "quietly unhinged", Alabama songwriter Sylvia Novak's sharp vibrato and casual fiddle-style couple with dark and resonating lyrics.

Piano, Trombone, Banjo, Mandolin, Trumpet, Pedal Steel, Bouzouki, Guitar, Bass, Double Bass, and Violin. These are the instruments that Sylvia Rose Novak has learned to play over the last seventeen years. Growing up, studying music was simply a hobby for Novak. She spent her life into her early twenties competing in equestrian sports and, eventually, training horses professionally. Novak didn't write her first song until she was twenty-two years old. And on the heels of her first writing effort came her first full-length album, "Chasing Ghosts".
In 2012 Sylvia Rose Novak started playing mandolin and singing in Auburn, AL bars with her friend Clay Cutler as 'Salem Railyard; a self-proclaimed 'mericana duo. She eventually switched to the fiddle in 2013 as the duo played more frequently. As the duo's local prevalence grew, so did Novak's desire to focus on music as a profession. Novak began playing fiddle with anyone who would hire her or have her stand in for a night.
Eventually, she became a regional country-fiddler for multiple touring acts. Novak learned the ropes on the road as she cut "Chasing Ghosts", which released in 2014 to international attention. She was since begun to claim her place in the ever-growing alternative country scene by opening for names such as Chris Knight, Belle Adair, The Mulligan Brothers, If Birds Could Fly, and American Aquarium.
In 2014, Novak joined Birmingham band Five Shot Jack as their bassist/female vocalist and (eventually) became their primary songwriter. As she continues to tour and play with Five Shot Jack, Sylvia Rose Novak is still supporting "...Ghosts" and her latest release "The Last Three Years".