A Spirit is haunting A.M. Booth’s Lumberyard.

We need help to identify the lost soul and set them free.

 There are two sides, good & evil, both competing to identify the ghost haunting the the Blue Bayou.

  1. The true believers, lead by an Exorcist, want to free the spirit.

  2. the Evil acolytes, lead by the Warlock follow a Demon trying to enslave the ghost.

  3. The remaining neutral scientific and skeptical ghosthunters, along with some accidental passengers, get caught up in the confusion.

Throughout the night, you talk, you dine, you listen, you watch carefully; trying to figure out who is who. And….you ghosthunt in the dark for clues leading to the identity of the spirit haunting the Blue Bayou.

To ensure your quality level of enjoyment in this immersive “who’s WHo”, Ghosthunter provides different levels of complexity (level 1-5) for players. When making your reservations you will be asked for your preference in a range of difficulty - (ie 1-2, 2-4, etc.)


Ghosthunter  involves searching for clues off the train and quizzing other players to find out who’s who.  Ghosthunters win by correctly uncovering the players who have been acting with secret roles and by discovering the identity of the haunt.  But putting all the pieces of this ghostly puzzle together may not be so easy. Be careful, you will not know who to trust.  Even your teammates may lie or give you false information.  Some clues will point you in the right direction; others may confuse you. 

In this 2 ½ hour immersive experience, there will be time to talk, time to dine and time to hunt.  The hunt will involve disembarking from the train to find clues which are QR codes connecting to information you can choose to share with your team, other teams or not at all.  (You need a free QR code reader app installed on your smart phone)

There are six possible ghosts that haunt the Lumberyard. As the evening begins, character roles are secretly assigned to all players.Four high level players become the Ghost, Exorcist, Demon and Occultist).All other players work in teams of “good, evil and clueless” to try to find the player possessed by the ghost and its identity (one of the six possible ghosts).At the end of game, good or evil wins as results of the hunt unfold.

These videos will help you understand the levels and allow us to create your boarding pass that will assign your secret role for the nights events.

Level 1 - Low complexity - Role - “I’m on the wrong train”. You become the unskilled, accidental ghosthunter trying to help find clues.

Level 2 - Mild complexity - Role - Scientist or Skeptic with power to match clues as you try to identify the spirit haunting the train.

Level 3 - Roles: As a true believer or evil acolyte, you will be given a special gesture that will help you find others that will band together helping the Exorcist.

Level 4 - As the Exorcist or the Warlock you will have power and knowledge as you lead your followers to confuse your enemies.

Level 5 - As the player possessed by the ghost, you must seek out those that want to help you and avoid exposing yourself to the evil ones.

Level 5 - As the player possessed by the demon, you must create confusion, yet avoid being detected so that you can enslave the ghost.