Is ghosthunter family friendly?

It is if your the Addams Family. We have a few scares now & then, show some clips from horror movies, talk a lot about dead people and how they died, and we mix it up in the bar with other customers, so little kids, no… young teens require parental discretion.

What about the food?

Family Style Dining, Allergies, Vegetarians, Etc.

The Menu is posted on the Ghosthunter Landing page, if there’s something you can’t eat we hope there’s enough for you to find satisfying with the rest of the meal. It’s not all you can eat, but it’s a lot of food. There is no leftovers to go, (we have to have something to feed the ghost.) If you prefer to have something prepared for you off our menu we can provide that with an upcharge. For more on family-style dining click here. .

What is included in the Price?

The 4 course meal and the game. Drinks are not included, neither is tax or gratuity.

We have lots of indoor space available for the hunt if the weather turns bad.


HOW SHOULD I DRESS? The rail car is quite comfortable but we suggest small purses and coats and not too many props.

To maximize your level of fun, we strongly suggest creating your own character role for the fun of it! (costumes encouraged).  Think up your character’s name and act out with you co-passengers.   It does not have to do anything with your secret role.