(Spoiler Alert: The Lumberyard is not really haunted!)

(Spoiler Alert: The Lumberyard is not really haunted!)

Preparing for the game

  • Every Ghosthunter is assigned one of six roles.

    1. Scientist - All must be explained

    2. True believer - All is possible

    3. Journalist - All must be told impartially

    4. Skeptic - It’s all for show

    5. Exploiter - It’s all for the money

    6. Misguided Passenger - So clueless, you boarded the wrong train!

  • You will be moving from inside to outside, so dress appropriately and keep your personal belongings to a minimum due to limited booth space.

  • We provide flashlights, notebooks, pencils, name tags

  • Clues contain QR Codes, one member of your party must have a Smart phone that can read the codes. Code Readers are free and we can help with providing apps.

Dress-up for the part if you like, we encourage everyone to have fun. Role-play is optional. You can request available roles when you make your reservations or by calling us up to 24 hours prior to boarding.

The Blue Bayou

The Blue Bayou

The Gathering

The Gathering

The Hunt

The Hunt

The Seance

The Seance

Game Sequence

1. Boarding The Blue Bayou

  • The porter helps you find your assigned seating, providing Ghosthunters with appetizers and cocktails

  • The Conductor arrives to describe the challenges ahead and share information about the six possible Haunts.

2. The Gathering - the Kiln

  • You will disembark from the Blue Bayou for approximately 30 min.

  • This is your opportunity to discover information that will help you narrow the field of suspects.  Focus on mingling with the other Ghosthunters.

3. Dinner is Served on the Blue Bayou

  • When the station bell rings, all Ghosthunters return to the train for a family-style meal.

  • The team seating arrangement has changed, providing you an opportunity to build alliances or mislead your table-mates. (If you prefer, you can remain with your boarding party throughout the game, please note your request when you make your reservations).

4. The Hunt

  • After being well-fed, teams are dispersed with maps to search the dark Lumberyard for clues.  It is possible to be startled or frightened, so anyone who ventures forth must sign a waiver.

  • We have covered hunting zones if it rains.

5. Dessert & Regroup on the Blue Bayou

  • When the bell tolls again, all Ghosthunters return to their original team seating on the Blue Bayou.

  • Teams have the final opportunity to compile and share information over dessert and attempt to solve the mystery of the Haunt and prepare to vote.

6. The Séance -

  • The Ghosthunters vote by secret ballot as to the identity of the Haunt.  You are determining between the six ghostly possibilities whose biographies presented throughout the night can be tied to your clues..


Rules of the Game

The term “Ghosthunter” includes all players.

Ghosthunters must wear team identity badges throughout the game, no trading or removing any markers applied to the badges..

Teams must choose a spokesperson who will coordinate information for the team.

The team can vote that all team members must share clues with each other.

The team can also vote a leader if they wish clue sharing controlled by the team.

Ghosthusnters are not required to reveal clues to other players, but must do so if you accept a “share” from another player.

Ghosthunters vote by team ballot as to the identity of the Haunt during the last Séance, the majority of the team controls the vote.



It is if your the Addams Family. We have a few scares now & then, show some clips from horror movies, talk a lot about dead people and how they died, and we mix it up in the bar with other customers, so little kids, no…young teens, parental discretion.

WHAT ABOUT THE FOOD? Family Style Dining, Allergies, Vegetarians, Etc.

If there’s something you can’t eat we hope there’s enough for you to find satisfying with the rest of the meal. It’s not all you can eat, but it’s a lot of food. If you prefer to have something prepared for you off our menu we can provide that with an upcharge. For more on family-style dining click here. .


The 3 course meal and the game. Drinks are not included, neither is tax or gratuity.


We have lots of indoor space available for the hunt if the weather turns bad.