Blue Bayou family‐style is much more than just the serving of food. We encourage mealtime to be a social event, with adults and children eating together, sharing the same menu and casual conversation. Dining family-style on our 1924 rail-car is an opportunity to inspire table-mates, glued to phones or staring at a TV, to join the party, and our themed events are always a special party. Dining on the Blue Bayou is an immersive experience of great food, great atmosphere and great conversation. So please come and enjoy the company of family, old friends or even make some new friends while you dine on a well-sourced meal in our one-of-a-kind setting.


Blue Bayou Family-Style

Bread - Salad - choice of 2 entrees w. 3 sides - dessert -

Choice of house wine, champagne, soft drink, or tea.

$24.95 per person - Reservations REquired


Example Menu:

  • Caesar salad / Cornbread

  • Roast chicken and pork loin w. sauces

  • Green beans, Mashed sweet potatoes, Brussel sprouts

  • Mixed berry cobble

Family-style seating

o    There are 6 large booths that can accommodate 6 - 7 adults

o    We will typically seat 2 booths every 15 minutes, filled with mixed reservations & walk-ins. For example, two or three parties of two might be sat together in the same booth. If there is a reservation for 4, 2 walk-ins might be sat with them.  

Family-style dinner service consists of:

o     Bread, salad, 2 proteins (meat and/or fish), 3 sides, dessert and choice of house wine, champagne, soft drink, tea, or coffee.

o    Dining car service is limited to 1 hour per table. You are welcome to linger in any of our other restaurant/bar areas.

  • The table is readied with bread and salad before seating.

  • The main course is served in communal bowls and platters on a lazy susan.

  • Dessert can be served in to-go cups allowing passengers the option to enjoy dessert off the train in the Lumberyard’s numerous seating areas.

Specific Menus of the day are posted in advance on our Website and social media, also available by phone 256-715-7130.   

No substitutions, or changes for specific dietary restrictions or preferences available but menu ingredients are available upon request for allergic restrictions.