Duck Plucking Team Volunteer Information


To create a Duck Plucking team to help raise money for the Humane Society, please inquire with a manager at the Lumberyard or contact: Jessica Bolling - 256-651-5437 /


Duck Plucking Team Volunteer Information


Duck Plucking Teams: Raise Money and Win Prizes!!!

  • There are no limits to the number of teams. (more teams = more proceeds) 
  • Up to 10 people can be on one team

(i.e. - If a business has more than ten people, multiple teams must be formed.) 

  • The team that sells the most racing tickets will win a prize for each team member. 
  • The team leader of the winning team will receive a bonus prize
  • The single highest seller throughout all teams will receive a special prize
    • All prizes will be awarded at the wrap party immediately following the derby.    


Team Leader Responsibility: 

       Every Team will work under a Team Leader who will be responsible for:

  • Assembling and managing the team's activities whose primary goal is to sell racing tickets.
  • Assigning numbers to his/her team members (1-10)
  • Distributing ducks/tickets to team members to sell.  
  • Team conduct such as following all city ordinances, and using common courtesy in their selling activities. (i.e. not late night phone solicitations, etc.) 
  • Delivering collected payments to Lucky Duck Days chair at The Lumberyard,108 Cleveland Ave. Huntsville, AL 35801 and returning unsold inventory.  
  • Registering the sold racing tickets in the on-line form on


Team Leader Supplies:

Each team leader will be given: 

  • 11 x 17Poster to display at their work-site
  • Duck Bin
    • A cardboard file box that can hold poster art and instructions/information
    • An assortment of Lucky Ducks to sell for $1.  (can be replenished)
  • Collection Folders - to allow all team members organized selling tools.
  • Instructions for selling tickets
  • Instructions for money handling
  • Block of Serialized Racing Tickets in triplicate form (can be replenished), which acts as a receipt book
    • white copy attaches to collected cash or check with information sheet,
    • yellow copy goes to the customer,
    • pink copy is turned into the team leader.